Breaking News. Superveryimportant. (Um not really)

Yes. Yes it’s finally happened.

The great Juba Conditioner Stock Out of 2012 is finally over.

Why hello conditioner!

Five months.  Five long months.

So good to have you back, conditioner.

(In all candor, I haven’t been to this khawaja store in about 1.5 months, but the other 27 places I’ve looked have all been out)

Thus ends your veryimportantupdatesfromthepersonalcareaisleofJITinJuba episode. Join us next month when we explore the mysteries of the exercise equipment on the 2nd floor.


7 responses to “Breaking News. Superveryimportant. (Um not really)

  1. No need for expensive European conditioner??

    • Let’s not go that far. Who knows how long this stock will last (and now that I’ve posted about it and all the expats rush to JIT to stock up (kidding)).

  2. I too picked up some Pantene Pro-V Conditioner at the big JIT for 40 SSD. Now I really need to find some cheap sunscreen…

    • Yeah, I did the calculation of how much that mid-sized bottle of conditioner cost me, even with the raised exchange rate these days, and shuddered (notice the price tag is peeled off the picture. Heh. I’ll cop to it though, it was 50ssp. Ew).

      I always seem to get a bunch when friends leave Juba, so I honestly haven’t even looked for sunscreen for at least a year. I’m no help at all there, sorry!

      • No worries.

        Money is nothing compared to manageable hair. I’ve stopped converting to US, it’s too painful.

        Speaking of throwing money away, I just gouged out the number on my 20 SSP MTN card… Blast…

  3. How much is 50ssp in american dollars?

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