Right… Forgot to mention that my coworker was stealing all my coffee so I decided I had to go off to Europe and get a refill.


See you in a few weeks Juba!  In the meantime, join us for some erinnotinjuba special edition posts…


4 responses to “Oops

  1. Even me, I am going to Europe! Because my contract here is almost over. I’ll be there in August. Where did you go? (I’ll be in Istanbul for four days or so, then taking the train from there to Paris, so through Budapest, Bucharest, and Munich. If there’s any overlap with your trip – suggestions on things to do/see/eat?)

    • Nope, sadly I’m going pretty opposite direction and doing the south – Geneva to Italy to Slovenia and Croatia. But your trip sounds amazing! Somehow I just need to figure out a way to travel indefinitely.

  2. Save money while working and then take time off between contracts :). A friend of mine is on an extended (think it will be 18 months?) break between gigs and is traveling extensively right now.

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