Juba Good

There’s a phrase we use here to describe the quality of things in relation to other standards: Juba good.

“How’s that new restaurant?”
“It’s Juba good. But the chicken tikka is delicious!”

“How was your night last night?”
“Fine. Stayed in and watched a movie. The generator is having issues so the power went out a few times. It was Juba good though.”

It means a term of reference for what’s a standard of acceptability here in Juba, which might not fly elsewhere however.



Like, per chance, splinting your own thumb when it somehow is sprained/hyperextended.*

Because that’s why one keeps around old emory boards and medical tape, isn’t it?

It’s Juba good.

*Yes, mom, I’m (nearly) certain it’s not broken. Promise!


7 responses to “Juba Good

  1. Wish you had posted the pictures AFTER the sprained/hyperextended explanation…
    Just threw out various splints left over from your volleyball injuries.

  2. They just got stuck away somehow – there was a thumb splint and 1 from your pinkie finger fracture.

  3. Heal quickly! (Also, we have an equivalent: Peace Corps Goggles. “How is your Steerz Happy Burger?” “It’s delicious … but, like, Peace Corps Goggles delicious. Wouldn’t stack up against the foulest McDouble in America.”)

  4. Juba good indeed – never thought about using it to describe (self) health care, but it’s entirely appropriate it seems. Also, excellent use of ‘somehow’ – you’ve definitely gone native. Also x2, my take on Juba good: http://talesofatravelingturkey.blogspot.com/2011/11/that-was-juba-good.html

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