Basically the Same

Conversation between myself and a coworker a few days ago, as I was on my way to run:

C: “You’re going for exercise?”
E: “Yup! Off to run.”
C: “You run so much. I think that you must be very fast.”
E: “Oh, no, I can assure you I am not.”
C: “You’re just like Marial!”
E: “Sadly, I think not.”
C: “No, next Olympics, I think you will be like Marial, and you will be running for South Sudan!”

Yes, just like this.

We both laughed at that, and then I explained how the only time I’ve ever run a half marathon, it took me just about the same time that it took Guor Marial to run a full marathon.

Yeah… mebbe not.

Soooo… maybenotsomuch.


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