Basically Bari

In addition to basically being an Olympian, after a year and a half of being in South Sudan, I’ve finally gotten my first South Sudan name (well… other than the week I was “Helena” because according to the county commissioner on a field visit (and I quote), “No, that (Erin) is not your name. I cannot say that. Your name is Helena.”  And therefore, indeed, for a week I was Helena).

Apparently in the Bari tribes, children are often named based on their order of birth.  My coworker Pitia is the fourth-born male.  A different colleague is Poni for the second-born female. Another is Loro for the first-born male.

(None go by these names in their professional lives, btw – these are all names their families call them, and they go by their father’s or grandfather’s name)

The culmination of this all being that I was informed my name would be “Juan,” pronounced “joo-ahn” for third-born girl.

So there you have it. I’m basically Bari now.


2 responses to “Basically Bari

  1. Think I’ll just continue to call you Erin as I have for 27 1/2 years :)!

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