Slightly Unclear

An article on Radio Miraya today espoused the title “Police protect family after claims of witchcraft.

In short, a family was accused of witchcraft and fled, and are now being held in prison for protection (that is not uncommon, it often is the safest option). Which is lovely. Well done, SSPS.  However, after reading the article, this passage jumped out at me:

The Chief Police Inspector for Kajo-Keji County, Chol Atem Jongeth says […] “Definitely we are going to take them to court. We are investigating both sides. So its the court which is going to judge and see. If there is some proof well and good, then those accused have to be sentenced; if there is no proof, then those complainants have to be sentenced with some appropriate judgment. It is because we want these practices to stop in the area.”

Ermm… It seems slightly unclear whether or not the practice urged for cessation is accusing people of witchcraft, or the actual practice of bewitching someone.


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