Maybe Not So Recent

I spent a bit of time recently rediscovering my love for tile art (which is exactly what it sounds like). Special shout out to Home Depot for their free wood samples and cheap tiles, by the way.

Yes, yes I do take requests.

This is what I used to do sometimes to destress while in grad school a few years back. I always found it to be a cheap (see: grad student), easy, creative outlet. While talking about this with a friend, I noted how this must have been my precursor to my love of MS Paint.

Her reply was, “You’re joking, right?”

Thinking that she must have meant I wasn’t thinking back far enough I realized that I used to draw pictures to include in letters when she and I lived together, plus before all that I colored pictures (by which I mean coloring book pages) during finals in college.

So I suppose it’s not strange this all culminated in an MS Paint outlet, eh?

“No, that’s not what I mean,” was her response, “You think this MS Paint thing is new? Do you not remember drawing elaborate directions to our house when we lived together?”

I drew (pun unintended) a complete blank. Thanks to the magic of the internet and email, she was able to find this picture I’d sent in early 2008.

Touche, 2008, touche.

Um. Oh.

Okay then.

So… apparently not so recent a development in my art outlet.


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