Famous or Faulted?

I was hanging out the other day in the Office of Immigration and Passport Services, attempting to renew my visa (tangent topic: yes, it is totally okay to deny someone a longer term visa because their work permit has expired, even though the expiry date has fallen within the past three months when the Department of Labor stopped processing any work permits at all. Also keeping in mind that my first work permit I applied for in February, received in November, was backdated to June, and expired in January… sure. Totally logical system).

As a point of order I think it might be helpful for readers to understand how the Passport and Immigration office works.
First you start off in the admin side, where you fill out forms.
It looks lovely when it's all just boxes and text

It looks lovely when it’s all just boxes and text

Then you go to the next location to get something signed.  And from there you follow a star shaped and undetermined pattern of going wherever the person who takes pity on you and tells you where next to go instructs you.
My head hurts

My head hurts

Ultimately culminating in a process of zigzagging across the compound, traversing floors, and hopefully emerging with a valid permission sticker in your passport to exist in the country. Probably for a 3 months at a time, more if you’re extremely lucky.
The point of all of this is that after nearly three hours sitting in my personal version of hell, I had a slight moment of joy when I realized that… well… I’m famous. Slash plagiarized.
While sitting in the office of someone important waiting for something to be stamped or signed, I noted that sitting on his desk was a calendar.  After about thirty seconds of blankly staring at it, my addled brain clicked in enough to note that the picture on this month was, in fact, one *I* had taken during the 2011 Independence Day celebration:


Feeling quite elated and downright giddy about the situation, I alerted the official whose office I was waiting in about the situation.  He smiled and made nice conversation for a few minutes.
Unfortunately all of this famousosity and friendship building did not result in a longer term multi-entry visa for me.
What good is fame then?

5 responses to “Famous or Faulted?

  1. I wonder if it’s that difficult to get a work visa here in the states. I hope you had enough Tylenol with you, Erin!

  2. How’d they get your photo??

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