Different Point of View

After being here for a few years I’ve realized there’s some things I simply take for granted and no longer question.

Of course there are randomly concrete road blocks along the presidents road one day.

Naturally the Thai food place will run out of noodles for a month.

Obviously your clothing will have holes after they’re hung to dry on razor wire.

The brand new generator has broken after a week? Mais oui!

One of these pecadillos that has long since ceased to phase me is the lights on the main road often are out/flicker/don’t work. Rumor has it that in the run up to independence, the contract to install the lights was given to someone who was less than up to the task,and perhaps skimped on finding proper solar panels and wiring and people who could do competent installation, and long story short, the lights werent in by independence. When they did finally go in about a month later, Juba rejoiced and forgave the fact that they nearly immediately began malfunctioning because at least parts of the road were now illuminated.

As expected, the streetlights only intermittently work.

Driving along with a person relatively new to Juba the other night however provided an outsider perspective. Upon seeing the flickering lights bob in and out of consciousness in front of us on the drive, she asked in a bit of amazement, “Oh, wow… Are the streetlights here *motion sensored*??”

Sometimes it’s nice to remember to see things from a different point of view.


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