‘Bout That Time, Eh Chap?

The roads have been swept, lines on the curbs repainted, and new fancy iron gates replace the razor wire in the medians next to the ministries complex. And, oh, the flags, the flags abound!

Yup, with all this action and improvements to Juba’s veneer, can only mean one thing: it’s gotta be independence time again!

(The dust will be back in a day, the curbs faded in a month, and the iron fences likely rusted or covered in only chipped paint in a year. But it’s lovely to see Juba scoured even minorly for this week.)

Oh and there’s also the notably intense security presence increase. And this text message I received from my friend this afternoon:
N: “Heh.. Just saw a soldier on the street carrying a rocket launcher. As you do. ”

Happy 2nd birthday to my favorite baby nation!



5 responses to “‘Bout That Time, Eh Chap?

  1. In a pursuit of collecting a postcard sent to me from all countries and territories in the world , I remember how delighted I was receiving one from the newest nation: South Sudan.
    Happy 2nd anniversary!!


    • We actually do have postcards now!! They sell them at a few of the khawaja stores in town. One is a picture of the main market in Juba (Konyo Konyo) and includes pictures of plastic buckets. No joke.

      We do not, on the other hand, yet have a functional postal system. (But we do have stamps…)

      • That sounds great! I learned that mail could be send out from Juba Post office: located on the ground floor of the Ministry of Telecommunications (a bright blue compound in the centre of Juba Town). Well that was is 2012, dont know if it is still possible. Postcard sent from South Sudan is still a bit of the holy grale… If you see possibillity pls let me know.

      • Huh… Might have to try it (although at ministry just got combined with another I think). Thanks for the tip! I’m on holiday at the moment but will check when I get back.

  2. Happy Independence Day!

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