Now You See It…

South Sudan connoisseurs may have seen this small news story which popped up about 8:30pm last night:

Salva Kiir relieves VP Machar and dissolves government

Ya know… Little things like that. Pssh who needs a government anyways?

The news came out while I was defending my trivia title at UNMISS. A slew of cell phones began to ring as NGO security reps got on their phone trees to spread the news and tell people to kindly get the fuck back home.

Because apparently this is sort of a big deal or something. (For South Sudan Kerfuffle 101 reading, I highly suggest Enough Projects post 7 Things You Need To Know About South Sudan’s Government Crisis and for a more in depth look, Lesley Warner’s The Time Salva Kiir Nuked His Large Tent)

At which point the following text conversation happened between myself and a friend:

Friend: “Dissolves the whole government”
Erin: Yes.
Erin: Um.
Friend: Please dont take this as patronizing but please tell me when youre home safe
Erin: Leaving in twenty
Friend: stay safe

(30 min pass)

Friend: Alive?
Erin: Not left yet. Trivia still finishing.
Friend: ……
Friend: thats the most Juba thing youve ever said
Friend: “Im not going to go home when the govt is dissolved because trivia hasnt finished”

I’m sure there’s been things ice said nonchalantly about typhoid that are more Juba than that… Right??

In my defense I can now proudly claim to be a three-peat trivia champ. Awwww yeaaahhhh.


One response to “Now You See It…

  1. I let my expats get their dinners packed for take away before requiring them to go home that night 🙂

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