Fix This, America

I’ve recently become aware that this song, by P-Square is apparently not the height of every dance party right now in America.

Why, America, why???

Fix this please. I promise your lives will be greatly improved.


3 responses to “Fix This, America

  1. Mike Krysinski

    Hello! Wonderful blog. I’ve been reading about South Sudan since before it was a country. It’s great to see things from the local perspective. I saw that back in July you talked to a guy named MikePostcard. Well, my name’s Mike, I also collect postcards. I don’t know if you were successful with sending him a postcard or not? I hope so. I would love to work out some sort of deal with you. I hear the post office is somewhat functional these days. I saw stamps have been released as well. I look forward to your response!
    -Mike K.

  2. we have stamps?

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