Never Change, South Sudan

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and security updates, but the past week or so has been a treasure trove of facepalm moments. Here’s a small sampling:

Sure that’s normal:
“UPDATE – Barge floating down river NILE – still burning
According to the latest reports, the barge is now floating down the river NILE while still burning.”



“Fire at former VP’s compound in Juba
Situation: At around 1000hrs on 15 August 2013, an electrical malfunction reportedly started a fire in the compound of the former Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan. The fire also affected a shack, where the ammunition for his protective detail was stored, which led to the explosion of some of this ammunition.”

And the cream of the crop:

“On 03 August 2013, a man alleged to be mentally unstable hit a UN vehicle with a stick without any
reason in Kwajok. The UN driver drove away without any damage to the UN vehicle.”

Stay safe and vigilant y’all.


One response to “Never Change, South Sudan

  1. you make me miss living in south sudan…

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