Contrary, Perplexing World

Today on my drive home while stopped waiting for the President’s convoy to go past, I saw a plainclothes security person pull his gun and aim threateningly at a boda driver who didn’t stop for a whistle, and then beat him with the butt of the gun several times on his head as he backed the boda up.

Yesterday someone tried (and nearly succeeded) in stealing my computer bag out of my front passenger seat through the open window.


Many mornings I see a blind boy being led to school by people who I [possibly erroneously] assume are his father or sister.

Yesterday I stopped in to see a country director about an urgent issue, and what should have been a 5min conversation with one of the busiest people I know, turned into a 2 hour discussion about past, present, and future hopes for South Sudan, and managed to turn both our stressful days into one ending on optimism.

My guard, who makes less than $200 a month, found 25ssp ($6usd) in the laundry and made sure to find me when I got home and give it back.

Our cleaner’s little 1.5yo boy used to scream and run and hide every time he saw me. Now he generally just freezes and stares. Today I got a smile.

You know… Sometimes the world is a beautiful and perplexing place.


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