You Know You Have Malaria When…

You leave your air conditioned container and sit outside during the hottest part of the day because you think it feels “nice and warm.”

I knew eventually it would come a-rearin’ its ugly head my way, but when it finally did after 2.5 years in South Sudan, I wasn’t expecting to be told I had not one, but two types of malaria.

Well hey, at least you can’t say I do things halfway.

In other news, malaria is not fun.


2 responses to “You Know You Have Malaria When…

  1. my last (until this one) bout of malaria was 8 years ago… being in and out of SS not sure how I avoided it that long (the lucky streak ran out in late August/ early Sept), but lucky me – Dawit and I both had it the same week (and let me tell you THAT was fun)… then, lucky him – he got it again 2 weeks later :). You still win though – neither one of us was told that we had 2 different types at the same time.

    My favorite point was lying in bed, trying to force myself out of a really weird dream, only to take my temp and see 104.2 on the thermometer

    • Do you remember back in 2011 when I got really sick, and you referred me to Juba Med. Complex? I went there and got a malaria test and when it was negative they told me I maybe had “enteric fever” (which I had to google to figure out was typhoid). When I asked how I could confirm that, they said I could wait around until 5pm when the doctor came. I was like, no it is 8:30am and I have a 104*F fever that sounds like a bad idea. And then just took cipro. Ma mushkila. That was my first experience that my self diagnosis is usually better than most clinic diagnoses in Juba.

      The clinic that diagnosed me originally says that if it reoccurs pretty soon after, often it’s because the patient has been given the wrong drug, and it hasn’t actually killed the plasmodia targeted – which is why they gave me P.Alaxin and not coartem: to kill the vivax because it’s a harder to kill strain and more re-occurrent. The internet/doctor friends seemed to confirm, so I was impressed, considering that I went to a side-street clinic in Nimra talata.

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