Jumped over to the US for a family reunion in Disney World this week. As you do.

Email exchange between a friend and myself:

Erin: Uh they microchip the drink containers here. Too far Disney, too far.
Friend: I dont get it, microchip to what end?
E: To control how many drinks you can have. The soda fountain will only work w specific cups
F: Youre shitting me….
E: Nope. Even the Styrofoam cups control how many refills you can get.
F: So you come out of one of the most impoverished areas in the world, then go somewhere where people microchip their cups so you dont take too much soda out of the endless soda machine. How ya feeling?

Touché, friend… touché.

Fine it was a smidge weird but you deal.

And in the meantime I get to see this




Sometimes the US isn’t so bad. Microchip cups and all.


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