Sure. Wait. What?

Normal sit reps lately. Cattle raiding, theft, car accidents, skirmishes, etc. 

Today’s update:

“On 29 October 2013 at around 17:22 at the John GARANG Memorial ground a UN Agency staff member was detained and the vehicle impounded by the SPLA Military guards. It’s alleged that the staff member had stopped at this location to receive a phone call. The SPLA demanded that the staff member be caned 150 strokes or to pay 250 South Sudanese Pounds.”

Emphasis mine. Because… what??

Convo between former Juba-ite and myself:

Friend:  wtf?
Erin:  um yes please CANE me 150 times
F:  i almost think that someone super brave (i.e. not me) should do it just to make a point
he pulled over to safely make a phone call
E:  Agreed. As a form of civil disobedience to showcase the absolute banana-ness.
How dare he?
Remember when they killed the kenyan teacher for daring to drive past the flag lowering there?
F: oh africa
Yeah. Basically. 

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