South Sudan Wins Again

Email received regarding my work permit, which I submitted to my host organization for renewal in February*, and which was then submitted to the Ministry of Labor & Public Services in April (delay due to the fact that MoLPS stopped accepting renewal paperwork for a few months), and which I’ve been requesting monthly, if not weekly, status reports on:

“Dear Erin,


I went to the Ministry this morning and it seems that your documents were misplaced, but I was able to discuss with them about the duration that the documents were submitted and they agreed that they will prioritize your work permit processing once the new documents are submitted. Please do submit to me other documents such that I will re-submit and am sure that this time it will processed as soon as possible.


Thanks and regards 



*My first work permit, we applied in January, received in November, it had a backdated approval date to June, and expired in January. The second round renewal submitted in February, came through in June. This year wins. 


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