Down With Trousers (and Discos!)

In the run up to Christmas, Wau has decided it won’t tolerate any funny stuff/criminal activity and is determined to have a peaceful holiday season by cracking down on criminals and ruffians.

According to the announcement, offenders include anyone involved in criminal activities, such as hosting discos in their houses. Oh, and also:

Other suspects targeted include the girls wearing trousers and boys who have plaited their hairs.

YEAH! Stupid trousers. Dangerous tools of criminal incitement when adorning the wrong gender. Down with the lot of them.

Lest one thinks this is a joke, today’s security update:

On Sunday 01 December at about 14:45, a female NGO national staff member was assaulted and beaten by police forces in the market area of Wau town. The reason given was that she was wearing trousers, which is now forbidden for women in Wau. Expatriates who tried to intervened were chased away by security forces but other national staff members intervened and managed to secure her release.

In happier news, South Sudan debuted at #5 on Transparency International’s list of corrupt countries this year.

Happier because Sudan came in at #4.


One response to “Down With Trousers (and Discos!)

  1. They tried cracking down like that in Juba a couple of years ago… but turned out it was just a bunch of cops who thought that should be the law – not the state itself – and those cops were severely disciplined. Wau looks like it’s the state government who is sponsoring it – yikes! Would someone PLEASE remind them that they just fought a very long war so that they could STOP being part of Sudan (and therefore they should stop acting like Sudan!)

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