Juba, December 17 Update

Texting a friend this morning, checking in on respective statuses and mental states as we all remain locked down.

Friend: : )
Erin: Where is the duck-and-hide emoticon when you need it
Friend: Hahaha I think it’s a hint that you should just duck and hide

Things in Juba are tense. I won’t go into too much detail, because, well my family reads this and whatever I write will sound pretty scary. I want to express that it is a very serious situation but I’m currently okay, on lockdown, with food and water and power, and trying to get out at the first possible opportunity. Right now I’m safe.

Unfortunately there are many who are not safe. I’m terrified for South Sudanese friends and colleagues and citizens. Hoping with everything I am that this stops before more people are killed, because whatever the number, it’s surely already too high.

Love to everyone.


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