Three weeks late…

…and many dollars short, I’m back in Juba after an extended evacu-cation.

Juba is fairly normal, minus the lack of traffic, increase in lorries full of soldiers, and 8pm government curfew (and the 35k people still sheltering on 2 UN bases in the city…)

I received hugs from three people at the ministry when I returned.

Sonja at Mama Asha’s remembers our usual order.


salata aswat – all day e’ry day

There’s much work to be done, conflict still ongoing, politics to maneuver, and a cornucopia of “what next ?”scenarios. Despite the difficulties, frustration, and heartache, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Back in action.


One response to “Three weeks late…

  1. I hope you had a happy 29th birthday, Erin. Glad you are back in Juba
    safely and hope it remains safe for you and everyone there. Just to let you know that I pray that your guardians angels watch over you always…and I know they do!!! How fortunate you are to have the life experiences you’ve had and continue to have. Love, Aunt Sue

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