It’s Almost Funny

After 3 months of fighting, South Sudan has now declared that reporting on interviews with opposition leaders is now considered “subversive activity” and is considered an offense if published within South Sudan.

Apparently publishing outside the country is still A-OK though. Maybe no South Sudanese read or listen to external news sources? Totes fo sho.

This would almost be funny, had 2 journalists not been arrested for several days in December after interviewing Machar, along with another foreign journalist purportedly detained earlier this week. On top of the usual veiled and direct threats and intimidation, this new directive will not make local or foreign journalists feel much safer about reporting on sensitive and complex issues ongoing in the country these days.

However this:

Asked which section of South Sudan’s penal code made interviews with rebels an offense, Makuei said, “It is not my duty to tell which law — go and look for it.”

Actually is a bit funny. Especially when you consider that the Makuei, Minister of Information,  is himself a lawyer.
Oh South Sudan.

One response to “It’s Almost Funny

  1. still enjoying your posts about every day life in South Sudan. It might be not so important, but someone made it to the Juba post-office. (In case you ever feel the urge to send something by ordinary mail)

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