Curfew Lyfe

Skype convo:

[11:15:37 PM] D: hey are you there?
[11:15:52 PM] E: yup yup
[11:16:01 PM] E: its 1115pm on a friday night. where else would i be?

[11:16:07 PM] D: hahaha. touche. 

In other news, millions of people are starving or in danger of starvation via mass famine in South Sudan, a peace agreement is not really holding, and aid needs are woefully underfunded throughout the entire country. 

Oh, and a cholera outbreak was just announced in Juba (city, not the PoC/IDP sites). 

Dark days here in South Sudan, yet life in Juba goes with relative normality for me. Minus the curfew. 


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