CUA (Commonly Used Acronyms)

The world of International Development has an obscene love affair with acronyms. Because sometimes I get caught up with this lingo and forget that it’s not is basic human vernacular to know what strings of capital letters mean, I’m going to try to amass a list of commonly-used acronyms here.

ANC – Antenatal Care
CPA – Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 2005
GBV – Gender Based Violence
GoSS – Government of South Sudan
LLITN/ITN – [Long-lasting] insecticide treated net (mosquito nets)
M&E – Monitoring & Evaluation
MoH – Ministry of Health (SMoH = State MoH)
MMR –Maternal Mortality Rate
PHCC/PHCU – Primary Health Care Center/Unit
PMTCT – Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (of HIV)
RSS – Republic of South Sudan
SBA – Skilled Birth Attendant
TBA – Traditional Birth Attendant
TIA – This is Africa


One response to “CUA (Commonly Used Acronyms)

  1. hi there, hw iz Juba doing in its first week as the national capital?

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