Maps of South Sudan

Um. I like maps.  Just a little.

A map of all the States and Counties in South Sudan, from 2009.  This may not be 100% accurate as the counties are still evolving and changing names and borders, but is more or less up to date:

South Sudan Counties, 2009

And stolen from wikipedia, a map of Sudan as a whole, pre-split:

Sudan map, north and south, from 2006

Colors correlate as:

Green = Darfur
Pink = Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile
Orange = North Sudan
Blue = South Sudan
Purple = Eastern Front, area of operations July 2006
Yellow = Abyei, as defined by the Permanent Court of Arbitration (disputed territory.  see: oil/politics/tribal clusterfuck area)

Another map, because it’s pretty and shows that South Sudan isn’t just one big desert:

South Sudan map - physiographic zones (note: counties/borders are out of date)

And one more to show the population distribution because that’s fun:

South Sudan Population Distribution, 2009


7 responses to “Maps of South Sudan

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  2. Dear Erin,

    great blog. Please check out our map, too:


  3. i am so happy when you are separated and to get your liberty for the people.i wish for you have a nice country and long live!

  4. I am so proud of my new nation if even though i am not in south sudan. i have a feeling of going back and see my people.

    my name is mawien

  5. i left sudan on may 1999. i went to uganda and lived there for 7 years and i eventually made it to canada.


    Its great and massively educative. We are proud of people.

  7. Great map for great South Sudanese

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